The Wissota 100 Recap

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2009 Scott Bintz Racing Midwest Modified Summary
Heat Wins: 16 | Feature Wins: 4 | Top 5’s: 26 | Top 10’s: 11

Scott Bintz Racing Dan Ebert for 5th.  Dan finishes 3rd.  Scott Hits the wall and finishes 12th.
Scott Bintz Racing Dan Ebert for the 5th position on a restart. Dan goes on to finish 3rd and Scott hits the wall and finishes 12th. Photo by CRP Photography

On 9-15-09 we headed to the Wissota 100 at the Dakota State Fair Speedway in Huron, SD.  On Tuesday night we were able to get some practice laps in and Scott got the 3rd fastest lap times, which was pretty cool.

On Wednesday 9-16-09 over 80 Wissota Midwest Modifieds were in 8 heat races on the first day.  The format was you had to get top 3 in the heat to make the first round of the qualifying feature.  24 race cars would be in the first qualifying feature.  The top 12 in the qualifying feature would make up the first 4 rows of the 30 car, 3 wide start main event on Saturday night.    Anyone who doesn’t qualify then redraws the Thursday and the process is repeated with taking the top 12 in the 2nd day qualifying feature making up the 5 thru 8th rows of the main feature.  The remaining 6 spots will be determined on Friday with the last chance races.  Scott drew 296 out of 600 numbers.  Scott started 5th in the 8th heat.  He got a good start and slowly moved up to 2nd for most of the race.  On the last corner of the last lap he was passed and finished 3rd.   The 3rd place finish put him starting 23rd in the qualifying feature.  The qualifying feature was tacky, fast and have some dry spots all over the place.  Scott moved up a few cars per lap and got up to about 10th and then started getting pretty loose.  He ended up finishing 11th with some good luck and fall out as a result of some wrecks.  At one point on the back stretch there was a car spinning low and another one high at the same time, which Scott was able to avoid.  The 11th place finish allowed Scott to qualify the first night and he would be starting in the 11th position in the main feature on Saturday night, which would be 4th row in the middle.  Brandon Davis won the qualifying feature followed by Curt Myers and Travis Saurer.

Since Scott was already qualified we got to enjoy the races on Thurday 9-17 and Friday 9-18.   For the 9-17 qualifying feature in the Midwest Modified class, Jason Zdroik won followed by Dustin Strand and Rich Pavlicek.  On Friday 9-18 the Midwest Modfied last chance races were ran as well as the race of champions.  There were 3 last chance races with about 16 cars in each.  You had to get top 2 to get one of the last 6 spots for the main Saturday night feature.  The Race of Champions was composed of 24 cars in which you had to be a track champion, a past Wissota 100 winner or National Champ.  It was a spectacular race to watch.  The best of the best.  Scott was not qualified to be in this race, even though he is currently ranked 19th in national points out of almost 800 drivers as he did not win a track championship this year.  It was a fast action packed race with Dan Ebert winning followed by Marshal Tofte and Matt Leer.

Saturday 9-19 was the big day with all the main feature events to be raced.  There was a parade of champions event, in which all the qualifying cars from all the classes were on the track at the same time.  Scott was very pleased to be among them.  The 3 wide 30 car Midwest Modified feature event started very smoothly.  Scott moved up from 11th pretty fast and was battling for 5th position.  There were 2 cautions where Scott started on the inside, which was not the fast lane.  After battling for 5th for several laps, Scott and another driver rubbed wheels pretty hard coming out of corner 4th.  This cost Scott a few positions, a car that was toed in and aftern that car seemed to be getting looser.  Scott eventually went high on the track and wound up hitting the wall in the center of corner 3 and 4.  Ultimately, Scott finished the race in the 12 position.  It was a great race, we probably had at top 5 car, but we must have used up most of our luck just getting into the main event.  Travis Saurer won followed by Curt Myers and Dan Ebert.

The Wissota 100 was a spectacular weekend.  The Scott Bintz racing team would like to again thank all our sponsors, fans and helpers for making it possible.  Special thanks to Douglas Daniel for his almost week long pitman duties.  Our sponsors include RealTruck.Com, The Pizza Ranch, Dakota Engine Builders, Ringers Gloves, TruXedo Tonneau Covers and Torza Top.

Below are some pictures of the week.   For complete details and up to date results and stats, see the Detailed Racing Results page.