The First Race of the Season

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Scott Bintz at Deer Creek Speedway 4-10-10
Scott Bintz side by side with Lance Schill at Deer Creek Speedway 4-10-10

Whoa Dude Wissota Racing is on………

The first night in the new millenium midwest modified was at Deer Creek Speedway in Spring Valley, MN.  Some fun was had.  Scott started on pole of the 2nd heat.  Got a good start but pushed up the track in 1 and was at the back of the pack in no time.  He got a little bit in to the groove and moved back up.  Coming out of corner 2 high, he got drilled pretty hard in the front left but still made it back to 4th.  Started 14th in the feature and was moving up and dropped back throughout the race until about the last 5 laps when the “drive better switch” was turned on.  Finished 10th and put the car back on the trailer in good condition less a few dings from other drivers.   View complete racing results.

Photo Courtesy of CRP Photos

#17 Lance Schill

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