The Brakes Went Out In Lisbon

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The brakes went out again in Lisbon this past Tuesday 6-9-09 at the Sheyenne River Speedway.  This time the right rear brake caliper mount on the bird cage spun and pulled the brake lines.  Guess when we fixed the left side, we should have checked out the right side a little closer.  Started 6th in the heat and after about 3 laps lost the brakes.  Managed to finish 4th.   Tried to do a quick fix for the feature on the brakes.  Started the feature and moved up a bit, got a right front flat, the pit crew got it changed and we had to start at the back.  Got going again and moved up quite a bit… then lost the brakes and had to pull off and call it a night.

The old car is just plain wearing out.  It was built in 2002 by Hoffman Race Cars for Don Gumke and has been raced all over the country.  I hate to think about how many nights the chassis has on it.  It really needs to be retired.  Its fast but old.

Good news only, the new race car (well its new to me) that was wrecked at the Princeton Speedway on the 3rd night of racing is supposed to be back in action next week thanks to Strand Racing.  So the 02 hoffman (which was also updated by Strand Racing) just needs to last for about 4 more races.     Smile and Pass it On!!

Returning To Action Next Week
Returning To Action Next Week
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