Should Wissota Allow Quick Change Gears? – Poll

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A few weeks ago, I got a chance to race in southern Minnesota at a few tracks that raced both Wissota and USRA race cars.   Going from track to track and I was a little envious watching the USRA a-mods and b-mods change their gears.  The quick change gears which are allowed by USRA but not allowed by Wissota for the midwest modified and a-modified classes would ultimately be easier on the racer and cost less money over time.  But that’s just my thoughts and I could be wrong.  So I created a poll.   Let me know what you think?

Should Wissota allow quick change gears?   (My understanding is the promoters of Wissota ultimately are the ones that can make suggestions to be voted on by the other promoters.  Perhaps is enough people vote, a few promoters might consider putting it up to a vote.)