Scott Bintz Racing Update

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1s LogoThe weekend of racing on 5-29-09 started out pretty good in Grand Forks at the River Cities Speedway with a heat win and 4th place feature finish.  But after that, its been a struggle with mechanical issues.  At the Jamestown Speedway, we won the heat.  Cool, back in action we thought.  Then the brakes went out on the first lap of the feature.  At Buffalo River Race Park, the brake were lost again in the heat.  After some fixing, we headed out for the feature.  On the first caution, the brakes went out again.  After a few laps, had to pull in and call it a night.  On the drive home I had to remind myself “that racing”.  Sometimes you do well and sometimes not so well.  We are hoping to pull out of our not so well phase.  After some more repairs, we headed to the Sheyenne River Speedway.   The car had a push in the heat and managed to drive it off the track.  Oh fun to be a half lap behind.  After being almost a lap down, I caught the pack but not in time to pass anyone.  It was fun driving the car literally all out.  Hit 7,000 RPMs.   In the feature, our set up changes weren’t what we were hoping and the car was still pushing bad coming out of the corners.  Finished the race.  Hopefully after some set up adjustments this week, we can get back into the groove for coming weekend of racing.  The Results have been updated.  Smile and Pass it On.