Racing Results for 9-5-09 at the Jamestown Speedway

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2009 Scott Bintz Racing Midwest Modified Summary
Heat Wins: 15 | Feature Wins: 4 | Top 5’s: 25 | Top 10’s: 10

Over 40 Wissota Midwest Modified race cars showed up for the first night of the Jamestown Speedways Double Header Labor Day Weekend Races.  Thanks for some major fixes by Mitch and the crew at Specialty Fabricating J-Car and final touches by Spencer Johnson and the head grinder Shawn Herrick, we were ready to race.  I drew 12 and was on pole of the 6th heat.  The track was dry with some tack in it.  On the start, I got the lead and we had 2 cautions in before we finally made a lap.  On the last re-start, I took the lead and kept it with Ryan Mikkelson hot on my tail.  I was super happy for the heat win at such a big show.  Hard to believe its the 15th heat win this year.

Meghan in the car after the races
Meghan in the car after the races

For the feature, I drew 4.  This put me in row two on the outside.  Next to Dustin Strand of course.  We were the last feature of the night so the track was super dry with not to much of a cushion on the top.  We got going and I was able to move into 3rd and then after a re-start into 2nd.  Strand had the lead.  Seemed like i was gaining on him in corner 1 and 2 and loosing him in corner 3 and 4.  I had been running low most of the race.  After another caution, I picked low and Flyin Ryan Mikkelson was high beside me.  Strand got a good start and Mikkelson and I were battling pretty hard for 2nd.  We had one last caution.  This time, I picked high and Mikkelson was low on the re-start behind Stand.  The top was fast but wasnt able to make a good first corner  running high and Mikkelson moved into 2nd chasing down Strand.  After a few laps Josh Eberhardt passed me low and we battled for 3rd awhile, but eventually Eberhardt was clearly in 3rd.  The finish was pretty spectacular as Strand won, but Mikkelson was right there with Eberhard in the mix as well.  I finished 4th.  Making this race the 25th top five of the season.  Wow…unbelieveable.      Also, I would like to give another Special Thanks to Mitch at J-Car Race Cars for doing the major fixes on the race car and Spencer Johnson for fine tuning it.  As without there help, I wouldn’t have been racing this weekend.  So again, THANK YOU!!

Should be some more good racing tonight at the Jamestown Speedway.   Stay tuned.

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