Racing in Minnesota for 3 Days

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Dodge County 4-18-10
Dodge County 4-18-10

We teamed up with Rusty and Kollman Motorsports for 3 days of racing in Minnesota. We loaded both cars into his hauler and headed out.  On Friday, 4-16-2010 we barely made it in time for the draw cut off at Chateau Raceway. Its a track shaped like a paper clip so it has tight corners and faster straights.  The heat was tacky and the features a smooth dry slick.  Very nice racing conditions.   Scott Bintz got 3rd in the heat and 7th in the feature.  We missed the set up for the car and it was just too loose in the feature.  Brandon Davis picked up the feature win in the Wissota Midwest Modifieds.

On 4-17-2010 we headed to Deer Creek Speedway.  This is a beautiful track with box seating and the works.  The heats were tacky and the features a smooth dry slick.  Once again the perfect track conditions.  Scott was in the 1st heat and started 5th and finished 2nd.  It was a good run.  For the feature he was in the 5th starting spot.  At the beginning of the race Scott dropped back several spots and spent the rest of the race playing catchup and finished 6th.  Once again, we missed the ideal set up and the car was a little loose.  It was some great side by side 3 and 4 wide racing action.  Bryan Hernandez won followed by Brandon Davis.  That’s 2 nights in a row we put the race car back on the trailer in great condition.

On 4-18-2010 we went to Dodge County Speedway.  This is a smaller track with higher banking.   It was tacky in the heats and Scott picked up his first heat win of the season.  The feature was dry on the bottom and middle with a little tack on the top.  Scott started 7th and was hooked up pretty good.  On about lap ten (pictured above), Scott was battling for the lead with Shaun Walski and Brandon Davis.  On the last corner of the last lap, Scott was in 3rd and looped it.  Ultimately finishing 9th.  Shaun Walski went on the get the feature win followed by Davis.  We put the car on the trailer again in great condition!!  We are still fine tuning the car, but it is starting to work really well.  Special thanks to Strand Racing and the Millenium Nightmare Chassis.

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Photo Courtesy of DirtRacin.Com.

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