Racing Cut Short in Grand Fork B/C of Tornado Warning

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We rushing to get the car ready to race up at the River Cities Speedway and hit the road about 3:45pm.  We arrived just in time to unload the car and prepare for hot laps.  During hot laps the car was working pretty good.

Then….. around 7 pm the storm rolled in.  We were told a tornado touched down about 8 miles east of Grand Forks, ND and we heading towards town.  Then a few minutes later, a tornado was sighted 4 miles east of town.   We packed up the race car and hit the road headed south.  It seems like the storm was growing both east and south.  We were on the edge of the storm all the way to Hillsboro, ND until we finally drove away from it.  Getting sheets of rain on the drive.

We arrived back home in Jamestown, just in time to get down poured on again as it was raining pretty hard as we drove into town.   Hopefully Jamestown Speedway will have a nice night for racing on saturday.

Grand Forks Tornado Warning
Grand Forks Tornado Warning