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Turns out the engine we blew up on Saturday will take some work to repair.  It dropped a valve and was damaged much more than we thought.  However, we got the new engine tuned and installed thanks to Dakota Engine Builders on Monday.

On Tuesday 7-14-09 we headed to the Sheyenne River Speedway.  We won the heat and finished 5th in the feature.  The car seems a little loose.  The track was dry in both the heat and feature.  Jarrett Carter #91 won the feature.

River Cities Speedway 7-17-09
River Cities Speedway - Grand Forks, ND - July 17th, 2009 Photo Courtesy of Chris Boroskae

Friday we headed up to Grand Forks to the River Cities Speedway.  Got 2nd in the heat and 6th in the feature.  Still need to do some crankin on the car as it seems too loose coming out.  Thanks to Scott’s bride, Shannon and her help, we were able to race the feature as we had some axle troubles from tapping the wall in the heat.  Dustin Strand #71 won the feature.

Today we are back home and heading to the Jamestown Speedway tonight.  Cross Fingers….

Update 7-19-09: At the Jamestown Speedway on 7-18-09, Scott Bintz started pole in the 4th heat.  About 35 Midwest Modifieds showed up to race.   Scott got the early led and with about 2 laps to go, Dustin Strand made the pass and won the heat.  In the feature Scott started 3rd.  On the starts, Scott seemed to drop back a few spots each time.  The track was a dry slick and Scott was running low.  With about 5 laps to go, Scott was in about the 12th spot and went to the high side.  On the high side Scott started moving up pretty quick and finished 6th.  He had to check up a few times for other drivers and that slowed in some.    Dustin Strand won the feature.

Update 7-21-09:  At the Sheyenne River Speedway, Scott started on pole in the second heat.  He got the lead right away and was challenged most of the race by Rich Pavlicek most of the heat, with Rich getting the lead win 1 lap to go, but Scott was able to pass him back for the heat win.  For the feature Scott started 7th and ultimately finished 4th.  Track was a dry slick.  Rich Pavlicek won followed by Ryan Mikkelson and Jarrett Carter.   Click Here to See the Videos.

2009 Scott Bintz Racing Midwest Modified Summary
Heat Wins: 10 | Feature Wins: 2 | Top 5’s: 17 | Top 10’s: 7

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