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2009 Scott Bintz Racing Midwest Modified Summary
Heat Wins: 10 | Feature Wins: 3 | Top 5’s: 20 | Top 10’s: 8

For complete details and up to date results and stats, see the Racing Results page.

On 7/28/09 we headed to the Sheyenne River Speedway.  The heat was a little dry but has some tack.  Scott got up closed to 2nd and 3rd but couldn’t hold it.  Finished 4th in heat.  For the feature he moved up a car or so every few laps.  It was a rough track so there were a number of cautions.  Scott got up to 3rd at one point but lost it at the end.  Car was not set up the best for the track.  Back to the scales we go.   Eric Edwards won followed by Ryan Mikkelson and Nate Reinke.

Feature Winner 8-1-09 @ Dakota State Fair Speedway
Feature Winner 8-1-09 @ Dakota State Fair Speedway

For the weekend we headed to Miller Speedway in Miller, SD and then on to the Dakota State Fair Speedway in Huron, SD.  Since the Dakota State Fair Speedway is the site for the 2009 Wissota 100, Scott wanted to try out is midwest modified at the track before the big event .  On 7-31-09 at Miller Speedway the heat was heavy tack and fast.  Scott got beat on the start and ran 2nd the entire heat.  Feature was tacky with dry spots.  Scott moved up and was trying to pass for 2nd and spun out Kevin Bliese with 2 laps to go.  They were both trying to chase down Lorin Johnson.  Scott got sent tail end with 2 laps to go but he made it back to 6th.  Lorin Johnson won followed by Kevin Bliese.

On 8-1-09 at the Dakota State Fair Speedway the heat was fast and full throttle.  Scott moved up a car or two every few laps and made it to 2nd.  On a caution with 2 laps to go he made an attempt to win the heat but wasn’t able to make the pass.  The feature was tacky with dry spots but pretty fast all in all.  Scott made it to 3rd fairly quickly and then Ryan Mikkelson and Scott kept swapping 2nd and 3rd trying to chase down Kevin Bliese who was leading.  There were a number of cautions behind the three of them.  On the last caution, Mikkelson was really giving Bliese a run for his money but as luck would have it for the Scott Bintz Racing Team,  on the last corner, both of them went low and Scott went high and blasted ahead of both of them out of corner 4 for the win.  Bliese got 2nd followed by Mikkelson in 3rd.

On a side note, South Dakota is the state where one of our sponsors TruXedo manufacturers their line of rollup and hinging tonneau covers.