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Here are a few ideas for the promoters and the board.

Business 101: If you don’t take care of your customers, someone else will. Wissota customers include the tracks, drivers and fans.

If Wissota is losing tracks it’s because we are not taking care of the customers. We had better find out why and fix it. Big companies that go down, lose sight of their customer’s needs. The attitude changes from what can we for you to “Hey customer this is how it is”. Wissota has done a lot for racing over the years, I would hate to see it go the way of Atari. We should be attracting more tracks and growing if we are doing things right.

Here are just a few things to consider

1. Marketing: Make the Wissota website more useful to drivers, fans and tracks. a) Driver profiles b) Race Results c) Current news and track news the world can see. ATD is great. However putting it on the Wissota website keeps people coming back, its real time news and makes it searchable on google. d) Add the ability find races by track, class or date with a variety of sorting options.
There isn’t an organization in the world that would hire a CEO or executive director that thought the internet is a pain in the axe. If the CEO or Ex Director doesn’t understand the value or function of a website, better change his mind or find one that does. Huge benefits to the customer we are missing out on.
2. Tires: $90 american racers would be better for the drivers than $117 hoosiers. Period.
3. Tech Inspection: Wissota should be embarrassed that everyone makes fun of what is inspected the 100. Non-important stuff…. ie trim your quarter panel, the spoiler is 1/32″ taller than it should be etc….. Yes i understand rules but tech what is important to the customer or be laughed at… (which is bad PR period)
4. Rules: Ya ya ya know one likes talking about this, but organizations must change with the times. Stand up and make some decisions for the future. If you don’t customers will do it for you. (street manifolds, optional qc gears for mods & mid mods, better trannys for mid mods, etc)
5. The Front Man: The front man of an organization such as this should have outstanding people skills and should come across as open minded and future thinking leader. Organizations hire an axe kickers to keep something afloat or lean it out and organizations hire customer thinking promoters grow something. The kind of leader people naturally want to follow because that offer great solutions NOT great defenses.

Benefits..benefits…benefits. If a organization is doing it’s job right, a customer should be able to rattle off 5 reasons they like and choose to do business with that organization. I don’t think I know a driver, track or fan that could do that with Wissota. However, they are doing it with other sanctioning bodies.

Let move forward and make racing better in wissota country.

Scott Bintz www.scottbintzracing.com

Originally posted on the 20 20 racing forum 10-15-10.    Comments welcome below.