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The weekend of July 3rd started with a trip up to River Cities Speedway.  Scott started 6th in the heat and finished 4th.  Made it up to 2nd but was drilled in the left front tire and had to run the last 4 laps with a flat.  The feature was dry, but had some tack.  Started 12th and finished 5th.  Scott made some good passed until he got to 5th and pretty much stayed there the last few laps.

#71 Dustin Strand and #1s Scott Bintz
#71 Dustin Strand and #1s Scott Bintz

The Fourth of July was very eventful with RealTruck.Com sponsoring the races at the Jamestown Speedway.  Scott and other drivers sponsored by RealTruck started the parade lap with the American Flag.  The Scott Bintz Race team had about the worst possible draw of the night for starting positions in the heats putting us in the 9th position in the first heat.  The track was fast and Scott made it to 4th which put him in the 10th position for the feature.  The track was bone dry for the feature which allowed for some good racing.  Scott made it to 2nd by about lap 10 and passed Ryan Mikkelson for the lead and had the lead for a couple of laps until Dustin Strand got into the mix.  It was 3 wide action for a few laps and Dustin took the lead.  Bintz and Mikkelson battled for 2nd.  It was an excited end with Dustin Strand winning, followed by Ryan Mikkelson and then Scott.

On July 6th, we headed to Buffalo River Race Park and started the 3rd heat on outside pole, next to you guessed it, Dustin Strand.  Strand won the heat followed by Scott.  For the feature it was dry but they watered the high side of the track right before the feature.  Scott started 5th and finished 3rd.  He made a pass for 2nd exiting the last corner of the race but pass pushed into the wall and hit the brakes for a 3rd place finish.

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2009 Scott Bintz Racing Midwest Modified Summary
Wins: 2 | Top 5’s: 14 | Top 10’s: 5