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2010 Scott Bintz Racing Wissota Midwest Modified Summary
Heat Wins: 17 | Feature Wins: 6 | Top 5’s: 20 | Top 10’s: 17
Points/Ave: 1569/52.3 National Standing: 12th (as of 8/22/10)
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Scott Moving Up At the King of the Dirt
Scott Moving Up At the King of the Dirt

The down and dirty… King of the Dirt at I-94 Speedway there were 43 Midwest Modifieds, we started 14th and finished 4th (yeah).  Jamestown Speedway finished 3rd (yippie) and at Thunder Mountain Speedway we won the feature (Yeehaw).  Whoot… Scott’s 6th feature win of the season!!.

The long version… We headed out to I-94 Speedway on Friday 8-20-10 for the “King of the Dirt” event.  Scott started 3rd in the 4th heat and finished 3rd (Shane Sabraski started outside pole and Ryan Mikkelson on pole and they were side by side for 8 laps with Shane taking the heat win).  The 3rd place heat finish put us starting the feature in the 14th spot .  The feature was fast and Scott worked his way up to 4th with 2 past National Champions (Sabraski & Saurer) and Dan Ebert (currently 3rd in National points) ahead him.  Shane Sabraski won followed by Travis Saurer and Dan Ebert.

On 8-21-10, we headed back home to the Jamestown Speedway.  Scott drew the biggest number in the bucket putting him in the 8th position of the last heat.  The heat was heavy, but Scott managed to make it up to 3rd, which put him starting in the 7th spot out of 25 in the feature.   The feature was dry with some tack and had several first lap cautions.   After they got going, Scott worked up to 3rd and began battling Ryan Mikkelson so 2nd for the remainder of the race.  Josh Eberhardt won, followed by Ryan and then Scott.

Next, we headed to the Thunder Mountain Speedway on Sunday.  The heat was super heavy and Scott was only able to make it up to 4th.  In the feature, Scott started 4th and got the lead on about lap 7 or 8 and held on the rest of the way.  There was a caution with about 5 laps to go, but Scott kept the lead and took the checker on the 20th lap making this his 6th feature win of the season.

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