3 Days – 3 Tracks – 2 Trophys – I-94, Jamestown Speedway, Thunder Mtn Speedway

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2010 Scott Bintz Racing Midwest Modified Summary
Heat Wins: 3 | Feature Wins: 1 | Top 5’s: 2 | Top 10’s: 7
Points/Ave: 531.00/48.27 National Standing: N/A
Feature Winner Jamestown Speedway
Feature Winner Jamestown Speedway

We started out Friday going to the all new I-94 Speedway in Fergus Falls, MN for there opening race.  There were about 18 Wissota midwest modifeds on hand to race.  Scott had a sweet run in the heat and pull away for the pack racers and won his heat.  On the re-draw, we started 8th in the feature.   There we a feature cautions and then the racing got underway.  Scott moved up to the 4th position and with about 5 laps to go, had to pull off as the car was over heating.  Turns out the rough track had shifted the radiator and punched a hole in it.   Ultimately fun was had, fans were cheering and the car is looking real good.   #60 Dan Ebert won the feature.

After some extra help from Dakota Engine Builders and Rusty Kollman, we got the car back in good running condition and went to our home track, the Jamestown Speedway,  early to get set up to race both the A-mod (scott’s first time wheelin 600 hp) and the midwest modified.  Scott started pretty good in his A-mod heat and finish the race at the back of the pack.  This put is in the A-nid consi race where the top 4 would advance to the feature.  Scott started 14th and was moving up a few cars and doing pretty good.  About halfway through the race, Scott was on the high side on the front straight away and 2 cars below got out of shape,pushing Scott into the wall and the car behind him drove over his left rear tire.  No one was hurt, but that put an end to our A-mod racing for the night.  For the Midwest modified race, Scott drew pole in the 4th heat and got the lead quick and kept it all the way.  On the re-draw, Scott got the 8th starting spot for the feature.  There were a number of first lap cautions, but once we got going, Scott slowly started moving up and got to the 3rd position by lap 8 or so.  On lap 8, Scott drove up high in corner one and went of the track and then back on the track without causing a caution but he now in the back of the pack.   However, another spun car caused a caution before the lap was completed so, we got our 3rd spot back on the re-start.  After a few laps, Scott passed #15 Flyin Ryan Mikkelson for 2nd and then took the lead from #2Josh “The Jackrabbit” Eberhardt.  Scott was able to pull away from the pack and take the checkered flag first.  It was awesome winning at our home track on opening night. The track was dry slick and smooth.  The perfect track to race on.

On Sunday, May 16th, 2010 we went to Thunder Mountain Speedway.  Scott started and finished 3rd in his heat.   At TMS, they do a trophy dash plus a feature.  Scott didn’t get the best start and fell back several cars but slowly worked his way back up and made the pass for the lead with 2 laps to go and won the trophy dash.  In the feature, we got the 8th starting spot.  It was a dry slick track with a few bumps.  Scott worked his way up to 2nd in about 10 laps.  On lap 15 there was a caution.  On the re-started in corner 3 and 4 the leader, Scott and another car all got jammed up, spinning the leader and taking out Scott’s front right tie rod so he was unable to finish the race.  #58 Shawn “No Fear” Nostdahl won the feature.  Ultimately it was a great weekend, we were fortunate enough to get 2 heat wins, 1 trophy dash win and a feature win. 

Some photo’s courtesy of CRPPhotos. 

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