2nd To The Champ @ Jamestown Speedway

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2011 Scott Bintz Racing Midwest Modified Summary 5-28-11
Heat Wins: 6 | Feature Wins: 2 | Top 5’s: 6 | Top 10’s: 1
51.00  National Standing: N/A

Bintz Battles with Josh "The Jackrabbit" Eberhardt
Bintz Battles with Josh “The Jackrabbit” Eberhardt

After 2 rain outs the Jamestown Speedway was finally able to get in their opener on 5-28-11.

The down and dirty:  Won the heat and from 7th to 2nd in the feature.

Strand To The Front
Strand To The Front

The long version: 30 Wissota midwest modifieds showed up to race at the Jamestown Speedway.  Chase continued his excellent streak for drawing by getting scotty outside pole of the 4th heat.  The Dakota engine powered Millenium Chassis 1s machine got the earlier lead and held on for several laps.  There was a caution.  On the restart, #2 Josh Eberhardt begin to challenge the 1s machine for the lead.  At the end, Scott was able to pull away to pickup our 6th heat win of the season.   On the re-draw, we were put in the 7th starting position.  After the first lap, #71 Dustin Strand, the 2009 Wissota national champion, who started in the 5th position took the lead and Scotty moved into 4th.  On the re-start, Strand again captured the lead in his Millenium Chassis and Scott moved into 2nd with #2 Josh “The Jackrabbit” Eberhardt hot on his tail.  The track was try on the top with some traction on the bottom.  The 2 Millenium Chassis race cars pulled away from the field pretty good until the next caution.  Eberhardt would give Scott some good racing after each re-start, but Scott will able to secure 2nd.  After the last caution, Scott begin to close the gap on Strand almost on his rear bumper right before the white flag.  Scotty over shot his marks a bit on corner 3 & 4, right before the white flag dropped and Strand drove into victory lane with the 1s machine in 2nd, picking up our fourth 2nd place finish of the season, and Eberhardt finished 3rd.  It was a great night for the Millenium Chassis taking 1st and 2nd.   Plus, a second place to Strand is almost like a win 🙂


Special props to all our sponsors, including the Plasmaglow for making vehicles light up the town.

Photo’s by CRP Photos.